Decluttering Suggestions

Planning an upcoming move? Overwhelmed? Where to start? 

Here are some helpful tips that should assist you along the way! Need more assistance? Contact TLC Ladies today to learn how we can assist you through the downsizing / decluttering stage of your relocation!

To help you decide what to move to your new home, try grouping items into these categories

  1. Items to take to your new residence
  2. Items to give away to family/friends
  3. Items to sell
  4. Items to donate
  5. Items to discard

Take 1-2 hours a day to sort through one room at a time. Some areas of your home will take more time than others, below are some helpful suggestions.

Downsizing the Kitchen

• Eliminate multiple sets of dishes, pie plates, casserole dishes, pots and pans, etc.

• Eliminate large items (i.e. roasting pans, mixers, serving dishes)

• Take inventory of food and cleaning supplies, try to use them before you move.

• Do not bulk grocery shop before your move.

• Discard any expired food. Keep in mind most spices lose their flavor after one year.

Cleaning out the Bathroom

• Discard any make-up, lotions, medicine, etc. that is expired or unneeded.

• Only take bedding for the size beds you will be moving to your new home.

• Review your new bathroom. Is there a medicine cabinet? Linen closet? Drawer space?

Organizing the Closet

• Eliminate items that you have not worn in 2-3 years, are soiled, torn or otherwise damaged. This includes shoes, ties, purses, and other accessories.

TLC Ladies' Downsizing Checklist