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TLC Ladies are such experts at packing, unpacking and setting up our kitchen. We were thrilled at their knowledge and assistance.

Doris S.

Ladies were cordial - went out of their way to handle things perfectly. The work they did, I never could have accomplished.

Ruth L.

Attention to detail was amazing. They even made my bed! They had such a positive attitude throughout the whole process. Well done!

Mary M.

I am so glad that we were referred to TLC Ladies. You have provided wonderful assistance, and we could not be more pleased with your service.

Randolph K.

We could have not made a successful move without them. Not only were they expert in packing and unpacking items large and small, but they also gave us good advice in many aspects of the move.

Bill A.

I cannot think of one more thing! Placement of items were all marked in detail and they did a good job of putting things away to give us some initial order.

Sandy H.

Your team has perfected the relocation process to ensure items are returned to their designated spaces. You made my move SO MUCH EASIER!

Ross F.

If I was asked for a recommendation, TLC Ladies would be first on the list! Extrememly efficent, very carful with everything, even my inexpensive items.

Margo F.

They've got the system down-pat, very professional! They know what they're doing in every detail.

Lupe G.

Helped me relax during a very stressful time - I felt like I was being packed by four friends!

Dolores H.

What could have been a very traumatic experience was almost stress free because of the cheerful, efficient, no-nonsense manner in which the ladies approached the job and accomplished the move.

Margaret G.

Everything worked well. The Ladies were pleasant and efficient.

Marjorie F.

They exceeded my expectations over both days. I am so glad I decided to use TLC Ladies.

Janet U.

I was thrilled with the job they did. They worked like beavers packing, then unpacking everything.

Barbara S.