Frequently Asked Questions


TLC Ladies is a move management company that offers professional packing and unpacking and settling in services. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about our services. 

If you have a question that are not answered below, please fill out our contact form or call 717-228-8764.

✦  How long has TLC Ladies been in business?
TLC Ladies, a family operated business, has been assisting individuals with downsizing assistance; professional packing; and unpacking settling in services since April of 1993.

✦  What is a Move Manager?
Think of TLC Ladies as your concierge service for moving. We create a game plan in accordance to your needs and want to create a smooth and stress free relocation. This includes a plan of action; floor plans; organizing/downsizing/rightsizing assistance; packing services; and unpacking and settling in services. 

✦  What locations do TLC Ladies serve?
TLC Ladies is located in Myerstown, PA. TLC Ladies serves Lebanon County, Lancaster County, Berks County, Dauphin County and surrounding areas. TLC Ladies can also assist individuals moving into or out of our services area. To find a senior move manager in your area, please visit NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Mangers).

✦  Is TLC Ladies insured and Bonded?
Yes! TLC Ladies is fully insured and bonded.

✦  Can I stay in my own home the night before a move?
Yes! By using TLC Ladies’ services, your bed and the essentials are left set up at your current home and then transported to your new home on moving day. You will not miss a night’s sleep in your own bed!

✦  Will you make me throw away or get rid of items?
TLC Ladies will guide you through the downsizing process and give advice on what to keep, sell, etc., but the final decision is entirely up to you.

✦  How much do TLC Ladies’ services cost? 
Since no two jobs are the same, TLC Ladies starts by meeting with to discuss your needs and concerns. From our free consultation, we then provide a game plan and estimate of our services.

✦  Are you a moving company?
No. TLC Ladies can make arrangements with a local moving company to handle the physical move; or we would be happy to work with a moving company of your choice. 

✦  Do you supply packing supplies? 
Yes. If TLC Ladies is packing for your relocation, we would provide all the packing materials required for your move. 

✦  How many TLC Ladies will be working on our relocation?
The number of TLC Ladies team members working on your relocation all depends on the size and game plan for your move. This will be determined at the consult appointment. 

✦ How do I get started?
Call TLC Ladies to schedule a free consultation

✦  What should I do?
If you choose to use TLC Ladies’ services, the most important thing to do is relax! Let TLC Ladies handle all of the overwhelming details.